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What You Should not do on the first date ?!

What you should not do on the first date ?!

1. Ex partner.

The worst that you can do on a first date is to talk about your / your ex-partner / in or / compare even your date with her or him.
So if you want to end the date for any reason, that would be a good topic to call it quits. :-)

2. Drunk appear.

Only not to lose the conversation on a first date before you have to not necessarily get drunk. Definitely you notice the addition of alcohol enough topics get the but then do not develop in an embarrassing situation.

3. Neglected appearance.

The first appearance is usually the "A" and "O" for the entire first impression.
Therefore kept trying to get on and do not forget about to brush your teeth. Unfortunately, bad breath is a very common problem and often results in the the opposite feeling uncomfortable. Not too much perfume, apply, we want to impress others but not suffocating. :-)

4. Absolute ban cell phone.

Now-a-days it is important, unfortunately, for every man! The cell phone! we are constantly on Facebook, dating services or other Internet platforms go. Moment during the first date, it would be to make this once in your pocket, car or home is best, however, is advantageous since it quite rude acts ever to tap into the mobile phone.

5.With other flirts.

No matter how terribly boring the date is, no matter how handsome the / is at the next table, foreign flirting is simply an absolute no go!
The Date brings superior to an end.
After that you can once again return to the restaurant to flirt with that other person.


For your first date you should appear unpünklich under any circumstances! No one likes to wait! Get your best to jam or delays to plan a little earlier to get away with one. Better a little too early than too late. :-)

7. Just to talk about himself.

Avoid constantly talking about yourself. Even if you still have so much to say about you! Place but sometimes questions about him / her. Also just listen attentively times.
Nobody likes people who constantly tell only of himself.

8.Angeben with money and wealth.

must get someone to impress one does not talk about money, power and wealth alike. You could try simply times to tell what you can or good where you come from or what you've done before. It must not always turn everything around money or something similar! Trying to make you interesting with what makes you and not with what you've got!