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No go's after the first date.

No go's after the first date.The first date is over, you have changed your phone numbers and other details and Say goodbye. And what now?
Here are the five things you should do in any case:

1. Telephone terror.

No cute messages like beautiful it was, no love confessions and no chord calls! Is the thing slowly. The best simple small talk. Question as him / her go or what so pending today. Here again less is more !!

2. questioning friends.

Very sensitive issue. Can you be sure what "trickles" of it to that person never. After all, there are not your friends and we are honestly what would you do?

3. Your behavior patterns.

Reflecting may again about your last relationship. What went wrong? Why is it wrong? You do not want to make the same mistakes as before. Change, if appropriate, your Perönliches behavior patterns, even if it sounds difficult.

4. intrusiveness.

Parking not too personal questions. You know each other, after all, is not long enough. Stay a little at a distance so as not to give the impression that you want to question him / her. You'll still have enough time to learn things about that person. So take your time.

5. stalking.

Probably the worst thing you can do! I think here it requires no further explanation. However, if you still want to go so far, be so kind as yourself into a mental hospital!