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No go's at flirting.

no gos in flirtingBasically, everything is at war and in love allowed but there are things should you absolutely avoid.
A few of these things I will here thus summarize you flirting do not fall into the pitfalls! Tell no lies! At least not big ones.
It is clear that you do not always go but reveals about you should be the "white lies" in boundaries hold because at some point you're probably verplapperst. This really gives you no advantage.
Avoid too much physical contact! This is usually not well received.
It is difficult to assess how the other person will respond to it so be careful!

Do not insult your opposite. I think this is self-explanatory but sometimes people are terribly slow on the uptake.

Parking not too many / too personal questions. Nobody likes being questioned and also for more in-depth questions on the second date will be time.

Avoid talking about past sexual partners.

Outside, under any circumstances having children, in the worst case even favored with your name. Absolute mood killer and also very daunting especially for men.

Mention any embarrassing operations. For example: penis enlargement, sex changes, etc ... This is really not an issue of flirting.

Bad manners .. Subject mostly men .. No burping, no farting, no curse words! Is not well received in both sexes. In addition to not belonging and a certain measure of decency should be presupposed if you want to get to know someone new.

The last Subject again the men for the most part. Tasteless jokes are an absolute no-go for women. If you think of any other jokes then so will return a gang.

If you these things, the majority is considered done. Of course, you can help all nothing when you are drunk and the other pisses on the shoes. Then you should maybe next time try sober you your happiness.