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What women Want? What women want to hear?

What women want to hear ...Women want to be the only one for you. So show or tell her often enough.
With compliments you bring to melt it.
Provided you do not exaggerate.
Be quiet little jealous that you will surely love.
But contract not too thick, because that could act as a deterrent.
It is always good when one occurs confident and self-assured.
If you are a good listener, have you ever some plus points.
Independence, so that you can impress determined.
Women love to forge joint plans, no matter in what way.
Well, it also depends in many women, if you ask them for their opinion.
Also surprises are often seen in women, even if it's just a self-picked red rose.

Women need a lot of attention, so they give her :).

All in all, women want you they also do not wear too exaggerated on hands. You should be nice and accommodating and responsive to their needs. Listen to her and always be there for her. You have to be strong for her if she is not even and give her stop. They want a man who has both feet in life with which one can build a future. They want you to make her laugh and she can talk to you about everything.

If you meet these things you find on a good away a woman for life or keep. There are of course exceptions, but as we dream all know women of a prince on a white horse.