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The first joint Christmas.

Christmas happy couple with Christmas at homeThe first Christmas with the friend / someone you want to come closer to or in.
What I give her / him. How do I get out what he / she likes.
The first joint Christmas is coming up and there you may not have long together for or maybe even only at the sniff since it might be difficult to find out what he / she likes or could want.

Maybe a perfume? But which one?

What fragrance she likes / he likes? Blindly can buy a perfume backfires go because tastes are different.
Do you meet, of course, already home, since more familiar all very beneficial could be. Do you know where the beautician, then look but after that perfume comes to an end.

A necklace, ring or possibly a bracelet?

But here arises again the question: "What pleases her / him?" Jewelry is always a bit tricky thing!
For this, a little tip: There are 2 different types of skin, the darker the more brighter and.
For fair skin: For this type of gold jewelry rather fits.
For darker skin types: For this type of silver jewelry fits better.
That does not say anything about it out whether it likes the person! Is just a statistic.

Of course you can it / examine him exactly whether general jewelry is worn if pierced ears are present, whether she wears rings and if all this is not the case can she / engage him in a conversation and so unobtrusively find out whether something would find ever fallen.

Perhaps a good book?

to guess the flavor of the book to others is also not particularly easy. There is usually a favorite authors, or a specific writing style. One should therefore be better oriented towards the bookshelf of the other. Should you have no access to the bookshelf have, I'd rather abrraten of a book purchase, unless there is a special request.

A spa weekend? Alone? Or as a couple?

With a spa weekend it comes but always depends on how well you know each other, because in women it is mostly a problem to pull out in front of him or show in a bikini. Whether thick or thin, because every woman has her Problemzohnen and that could not be hidden in a bikini. So I would a wellness weekend as a man rather then pay if you already familiar ziehmlich since.

I personally have my partner at the beginning simply involved in talks to get out what he likes.
Do you already have access to the mobile phone of the other, the Amazon wishlist is a hot tip.
Before you give something that could create in Endefeckt bad blood, you should make some thoughts about it nevertheless. Of course, relatives, acquaintances or friends are also a good source of information.