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How do I know if he / she simply just keeps me going?

just keeps he / she me for that?Unfortunately, there is today no longer really much honesty. Doth this already noticed that a large number of people are suddenly sick or in the hospital, friends have an emergency, visiting relatives and the like?
Especially when just the first date or phone call is coming, it often happens that suddenly in life some people really goes haywire. Since it is obvious that there are other players, but will not be given to open, because you would / might jump off him or her.
Of course, it may also be that there is no excuse but to pass the truth, so I would be suspicious not right from the beginning, or even the same bitchy, because it is sometimes even totally stupid before that coincidences.
However, if a meeting or phone call is repeatedly postponed for weeks, the probability is high that you in delaying - sitting on hold.
Maybe your flirtation has even something concrete to run, but is not yet sure if it will be with the person "something right", and keeps you on the bench. But he does not tell you yes, because then you could say I'm too bad, since I rather just jump off.
So you think to yourself from any excuses that sound plausible and at the same time convey the image of a what you want to convey. For example:

Flu / illness / gastrointestinal virus / Hospital

Here you can with a 50 to 50 chance that you expect they're going to meet him / because this excuse meet someone who knows in advance that he you in the next 7 - 10 days would like to meet under any circumstances. Eg .: Because he / she still wants to test a different affair.

Best Friends emergency.

Personally, I find this excuse so on fiesesten because, first cancel at short notice is simply corrosive and secondly an emergency at best friends such as heartache can not be postponed and your faces even as a good person there. And this, in turn, but just an excuse could be that one is on the candidate list of your top flirtations, finally has some time for a date and this has just announced such short notice.

Professionally just very stressful.

Here probably the impression is created that this man is very conscientious and committed. The work has a very important role here. This can be for many people be quite attractive, but others it acts as a deterrent, then you could here quite Always standing as a partner in second place. (And who wants that?)
Here in this example, our date is canceled an hour before: "Unfortunately, just a lot of work came in, so it is very late today. I'm sorry, I could not guess! Sign up tomorrow. "(He / She never answers, despite my understanding reaction.)

play the children's menu.

Here I must once again give my personal two cents because I like it. Really not okay find his children speak to abuse this to put someone on the waiting bench or sometimes even at extremely short notice to cancel or shorten Dates
Although it would have been no excuse, you could not even say anything about it, because then you would as of / evil and kids are hostile there.
However, if you know that your opposite example is a man with a 15 year old son, who only every other weekend to spend with him, and you hear constantly from this man, "I'm going tonight with my son to soccer practice", "I need my pick up from school son "," My son is sick, I have to take care of me, "then you should ask yourself if this person has a particularly dependent Filius and whether any place in his life for you. Or whether he cares to take the 15 year old son to 30 years of beauty. As skeptical it should agree upon you as you get with that your love interests has apparently agreed with his ex-wife no fixed rules and loads them off completely on your mood, the children with him.

Friends or family members suddenly come to visit for a few days.

This pretext is often used to gain a few days time, and to apply the same as a person who has an intact social network. Although this type is obvious excuse really, because just because a friend or family comes a few days to visit, it is not all the time clamped there could still times sacrifice one hour to meet.

Emergency (eg water pipe, migraine, food poisoning or other emergency situations)

Believe it or not! However, when it already the second or third reason is to move out on a date, I find it to be attached sour here. Offer on that to come over and help and see what happens.
Of course, it may well happen that there are so stupid coincidences. But one can estimate mostly be based on the situation.

My car is kicked the bucket.

With such a cheap excuse I would think if I want to continue the contact at all. For the first if that is really a lie, has one damn little imagination and 2. if one really wants to meet you, he is / she is another way that he / she can meet with you without a car.
You can offer him / her to pick them up or where to meet where he might come walking back / natural. Then we'll see what the next excuse.

Mother / father claim a.

Here, the impression is created that he or she is a caring child of his parents! but I find such a thing, however, can also go backfired, giving the impression that one has not yet broken with mommy / daddy.
Of course, all depends on the situation.

Conclusion: You should not be put off for weeks or more specifically, "Be first benevolent, but is your feelings and hopes not to someone who pushes a meeting with you for weeks out. You'll have to be above such things and that has I think not deserve. also anyone holding itself out as long as this can be really hurtful. And if you want to move it even let you come up with a good excuse least or even better be honest.