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On what to watch out for online dating!

Achting in Online Dating!Online Dating is a recognized means to contact today in all strata of society with other people in contact.
Millions of people around the world are daily on the Internet in search of new friends, a partner or of the great love.
Also, based on studies and statistics we now know that relation found on the Internet last longer than relationships who have found themselves at work or with friends.
But in choosing the dating portal should be on guard, as there are also many websites on the so-called dating jungle that are not so serious that work with IKM-writers or self-generated profiles and try the blue-eyed users the to pull money out of pocket.

In this post I want to show you how to protect yourself from rogue sites and how to unmask fake and scam.

The Find the contact-stock exchange.

Pretty much every online which sets out to search for new contacts will search through search engines like Google and decide to hand the first 10 search results or advertisements for a dating portal. For websites the very top are or have to switch a lot of advertising be good also. But is also true?
No, because there is a part of millions of dating sites on the World Wide Web and thereby also a good ranking has now expanded from Top 10 to Top 100th
So it can also be worth through out of the box on Google and Co to look and looking from the side of the third
But on the other hand, to make criminals figures to use our search behavior and set clever measures to come up with the right keywords on the first few pages.
Although Google and Co, a long time ago, spammers and scammers but also websites with criminal intentions have since announced the fight, search engines today can not distinguish whether a website is legitimate or frivolous.
So it is very important to be on the respective website when you want to sign up a little researched. Here, special forums but also offer assessment portals , which have specialized in Contact Exchanges, since there the experience of other Internet users to be replaced.

The check of the imprint.

According to E-Commerce Law (ECG) every website is committed to Commercial background to a valid imprint. This includes any new media, which also includes social media portals, blogs, forums and also contact portals. The most dubious websites will have an imprint of what will be but settled for the most part abroad.

It's best to look even if there is a customer support and whether this is achievable. The phone number should not be a special number such as 0900, but its a phone number with a country code of the German-speaking country with a local area code. Do not look for a phone number, but just calls and checks whether the number is reached, because some black sheep show for show an incorrect number.

Caution: do not Originates address from the German-speaking area, there is no German contact person, phone number does not exist with a common area code, it's a special number, there is no fax or e-mail address, or there is no imprint available , then here all the highest caution!

In most cases, here you sit on scammers who only have one goal, which is to get the money eyed netizens.

Read the terms and conditions and FAQs.

Did you inform a little about the coming into question dating portal and you decided at the dating site to register. So it is very important to read exactly the terms and conditions and FAQs through.
All Internet operators are exempt operators of private Web sites are to § 305 in the Civil Code (BGB) Committed to its users and business conditions exactly to point. This also includes whether it is a Paid directory or if you have to take out a monthly subscription to use the offered functions of the site, including how to terminate its membership again, but also whether it is a moderated service so the contact and exchange controller / inside or IKM writer uses that will move the user to a premium membership or subscription.
The most dubious sides will point out very clearly, as expected, these operators so that the terms and conditions and FAQs are not read anyway. But these operators are thus trying to protect themselves from legal claims.
Should you still in such a trap fall you have a good right to demand the already paid membership back. Each local office of the police or consumer protection centers accept ads against because of online crime or dating scam. So l asst Do not reminders and legal threats to intimidate the operator because the operator indicated by the IKM clause is void because that use of fake profiles or so-called IKMs Illegal is.
Just as
it is also in Lovoo showed last case study, threatening the operator both also the IKM-Schreiber, because Fraudulent intentions, hard cash to prison sentences.

Respect for the subscription trap.

As mentioned earlier , all operators of a contact-stock exchange will be obliged in their Terms of subscriptions or premium memberships and thus connected to assign costs to.
But where exactly is the difference between a premium membership and a subscription?
Well, with a premium membership, the member pays the service provider at least one month amount to special functions offered by the portal to use. Where it should be but charged to member free if he extended his premium memberships in the following month.
A subscription, however, is also a paid membership with which you can take advantage of special features, but with the difference that has to be this membership is automatically extended and terminated by the customer.
If we briefly about now earn even think, the most money can be but actually to customers who are tied to a subscription contract.
But who of us like to conclude a subscription? Some contact agencies precisely at this point to have come up with tricks on you should look closely.
Some contact agencies prices namely premium memberships and then point out the small print that this membership has to be renewed automatically and terminated. In short, you have a subscription terminates here.
Other crafty operators offer eg 1 month premium membership for testing, with under but may also be due to the € 10 area be free in most cases in 1 €. Which actually when you decide for yourself whether you can extend the premium membership, as far as is okay then.
But in some cases it is so that it also closes a hidden subscription with the trial membership to which you will point only in the small print.
So it is always very important before you take out a premium membership, also read the fine print very carefully.
Do not be just of a free trial memberships or small aperture prices, because it could be a subscription trap.

Caution termination case.

At this point I should first of a clear position since this always causes insecurity or the question arises
"Whether one has ever signed a contract, because one has Signed nothing."
The clear answer is: Yes, you have signed a contract even if you have nothing signed.
This means in terms of subscriptions: The contract between a service provider and customer is concluded and that is passed with the first payment and a debit to the service provider.
A few years ago it was still such a way that online contracts had to be signed, but the legislature has simplified in relation to the global communications and Internet media. So today it just fine, which also comes through the disclosure of contact and account data a valid online contract conclusion.
The legislator but also with the § 355 German Civil Code (BGB)a right to withdrawal, of at least 14 days to a maximum of 12 weeks for online contracts, fixed. There are smart operators here, with their tricks. So you can cancel some providers only by mail and has to also make sure that all possible data upon termination of surrender, but which are difficult or impossible to find on the website you. Or, data provided to us by which we learn only after rejection of termination. Another trick that you claimed that never arrived the letter. So it is here when you should you decide to post the letter by registered mail with return receipt to shipping.

A small tip: In Germany and Austria one has the right even to terminate the contract that it has been concluded online online. That is also true if the operator has indicated in its Terms and Conditions that a termination is possible only by mail.

If the operator wants to make you something else, then this is either not informed or he would hesitate only such termination.

Look at the women's and men's share.

A very good factor as you can find out whether a contact exchange fake profiles or IKM-recorder is used to look at the proportion of female and male users. But even if you'll be enrolled as a man directly after the registration of many "women".
Predominates namely the proportion of female members or is it the same then already written right after the registration of "women," which is a sign that in this contact portal must be something wrong. This is faked!
After all, only in very rare cases, a woman will take the first step.
The reason for this is that we men we behave more offensively, while women tend to exercise restraint. But also because we men are generally more benefits the Internet than women,
The women in the real world dating men for us, although it past, but we hope we approached to become. Exactly also applies to online dating.
Most women browse before the contact-stock exchange and have made their selection of potential partners before the registration. Women hope that one or other potential member will be aware of them and you write. We men do Sign us only one time and then embark on the search for potential female partners.
So it stands to reason also that we men like to send many messages to attractive female members, but get few answers back. Whatever it is that women with the abundance of messages they receive from us men who have also spoiled for choice and the associated, also can select who want to write them back.
Unlike us men, most women ask beforehand whether they will get an answer the question, if they send someone a message.
As in the real dating world women want to be conquered men even in online Dading of us. So hold always in mind and ask background, who has written to you, just as the first and especially right after the registration. In most cases, it is a set of operators Faker is to move you to a premium or a recurring membership and here I would invest in your put a single cent.

Of course I could write here still so much more about the nastiness of some unscrupulous operators. But I'm sure that if you think you're on the written by me, I have kept you even before one or the other rip, find their honest Contact Exchanges and will also make new acquaintances honest.