Terms and Conditions (in the version of 20.6.2018)


The following terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the SINGLE-CHAT, Lehmgrube 9, 6391 Fieberbrunn, Austria and the users who use the services of SINGLE-CHAT (hereinafter "User") and define the conditions under which the use of SINGLE CHAT services takes place.

(Hereinafter the "Website") By registering with SINGLE-CHAT among https://single-chat.at and all reference it domains, (hereinafter called "mobile apps") in the mobile apps for IOS and Android devices explained the user agree to the below terms and conditions. If the user with the terms and conditions do not agree, you have to dispense with the application.

These terms and conditions apply to the website and mobile apps, the operator SINGLE-CHAT.


1. Validity
2. Youth Policy
3. The subject of the agreement
4. Scope
5. Conclusion of Contract, beginning Prices
6. Ending FREE
7. Right-paid premium radio ion
8. Duties of the user
are not allowed 9. What images?
10. Which pictures are allowed?
11. Violation of user requirements
12 Granting of rights
13. Liability
14. Guarantees
15. Notifications
16. Data Protection
17. Communication between members
18. Copyright
19. Prohibition of commercial or business use, prohibition of spamming
20. Damages
21. Liability by SINGLE-CHAT
22 amendments to the General Terms and Conditions
23. Dispute Settlement
24 Final Provisions

1. Validity

The terms and conditions listed below regulate the guidelines, under which the use of the website SINGLE-CHAT and mobile apps SINGLE-CHAT. The terms and conditions also apply if the service is used by outside the Federal Republic of Austria. By registering with SINGLE-CHAT, users acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions and understand and accept this. Different rules and particular conditions of the user associated with the terms and conditions in conflict, require the written consent of the operator.

2. Youth Policy

The member that he or she has full legal capacity under the laws of his / her country over 18 years old and of legal age, and to this agreement qualified in all respects and to respond competently. The member also agrees to refrain from underage persons intentionally access to the service and is liable even for the secrecy of the surrendered credentials against underage family members, friends or acquaintances. the member will prove his majority by producing a passport or identity card copy that was used to log on request.

3. Subject to the agreement

By completing and submitting the registration form to become a member and agree with these terms of membership. This Agreement may be amended by SINGLE-CHAT at any time, with any changes from the date of notification have their validity. If a member with the respective latest version of the membership conditions are not in agreement, it is her / him free to terminate the agreement in accordance with its terms. The customer relationship between SINGLE-CHAT and the customer comes with the sending the completed Formulares. SINGLE-CHAT may reject the application if a serious reason, such as the customer makes false information or a reasonable suspicion exists that the customer intends to misuse the services. If the application is accepted,

4. Scope

1. SINGLE-CHAT operates a social network community on the Internet and provides users with access to a database through which users can get to know for building partnerships and friendships. The database is under https://single-chat.at and mobile apps for IOS and Android devices and in the future for other operating systems available. The database contains profiles with photos and information about other users. Registered users can view these profiles and contact information and other users.

2. SINGLE-CHAT allows the customer by using a user name and a password to access the portal Flirt. The respective Internet provider of the participant is solely responsible for the transmission network.

3. The rights to all in the system images (photographs, videos, motion pictures) and texts belong exclusively to SINGLE-CHAT. The member is forbidden to create copies of the images and texts, disseminate, distribute and / or use in other forms for commercial and / or non-commercial purposes and / or to use them. Unauthorized uses / Recycling be prosecuted. This applies however for all communication with other members of this flirtation platform.

4. SINGLE-CHAT is offered exclusively for private purposes. Any commercial use is not included in the scope of services offered and prohibited. Industrial profiles are marked and bear the name of their respective owners.

5. SINGLE-CHAT is entitled to use third-party service providers and agents with the provision of parts or the whole spectrum.

6. The user expressly agrees that SINGLE-CHAT may send him Newsletter at irregular intervals. The newsletter dispatch can be stopped by the user in the Profileinstellungnen any time.

7. SINGLE-CHAT reserves the right to limit their performance in terms of the capacity limits of the system temporarily. Temporary disturbances, restrictions or interruptions of services can also be found in emergency and disaster situations, by atmospheric conditions and geographical conditions as well as technical barriers, loss of power or because of technical changes to the systems of single-chat.at (z. B. improvements network, laying of the locations of facilities), (due to other measures such. as maintenance, repairs, etc.) that are necessary for the proper or improved provision of the services, or (for reasons of force majeure arising including strikes and lockouts).

5. Conclusion of Contract, beginning Prices

1. The contract between SINGLE-CHAT and the user is realized by the user on the SINGLE-CHAT website or mobile apps on the free registration.

2. The user can proceed with the free registration by completing the registration form. Alternatively, it can register via Connect features third-party (eg Facebook Connect). Here, selected data from the respective profiles of the user are included in the SINGLE-CHAT database. When registering on the Connect features to the user with the relevant terms of the third party agrees and agrees that certain data is transferred to the SINGLE-CHAT database.

3. The use of the service is free and ad-supported in the basic functions. The user can purchase various value added ( "premium features") or credit costs. The prices may be displayed to the user clear and visible on the SINGLE-CHAT website and in the mobile apps before the final purchase. SINGLE-CHAT reserves the right to change these prices to uncertain times.

4. As part of the booking of premium features for a specific term or at zubuchen of credits, the user closes not from subscription.

5. SINGLE-CHAT expressly points out that per user only one user account can be created. Existing user accounts must be deleted before an account can be registered. The re-registration for blocked by SINGLE-CHAT user is prohibited.

6. Ending FREE

1. The user is entitled to terminate the membership SINGLE-CHAT anytime. For this he finds a corresponding account delete function in his account settings on the website and in the mobile apps. A notice by letter or e-mail is possible.

2. Membership is by SINGLE-CHAT extraordinarily terminated without notice if the user violates these terms and conditions.

4. In addition, SINGLE-CHAT reserves the right to refuse the registration of users without giving reasons.

5. After termination of membership all the user's data from the SINGLE-CHAT database will be deleted promptly, unless they are also going for detection purposes of unlawful action by the user, on the termination of the contract required.

7. Right-paid premium radio ions

If the user is located in a country of the European Union, the following right of withdrawal for consumer applies for a use of SINGLE-CHAT as part of the financial statements of paid premium features and the purchase of credits:

1. Cancellation

1. Withdrawal You are entitled to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days without giving any reasons.

The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the date of conclusion.

To exercise your right, you have to (SINGLE-CHAT, Lehmgrube 9, 6391, Fieberbrunn, Austria, Email: support@mail.single-chat.at) by means of a clear statement (eg a consigned by mail letter or e-mail inform) of your decision to withdraw from this contract. You can do so using the attached model withdrawal form, however, is not mandatory.

it made to safeguard the withdrawal period is sufficient that you send your communication concerning the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal deadline.

Effects of withdrawal

If you withdraw from this contract, we have put all the payments that we have received from you, including delivery costs (except for the additional costs arising from the fact that you have chosen a different method of delivery than we offer, cheapest Standard have) immediately and repay at the latest within fourteen days from the date on which the notification was received about your cancellation of this contract with us. For this repayment, we use the same method of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless you expressly agreed otherwise; in any case you will be charged fees because of this repayment.

Do you require that the services to begin during the withdrawal period, so you have to pay us a reasonable amount in the proportion of up to the time at which you teach us from exercising the right of withdrawal in respect of this contract, delivered services equivalent compared to the full extent provided for in the contract services.

2. model withdrawal form

If you want to cancel the contract, please fill out this form and send it back to us. To: SINGLE-CHAT, Lehmgrube 9, 6391, Fieberbrunn, Austria, Email: support@mail.single-chat.at

Hereby give notice (s) I / We (*) withdraw from my / our (*) contract entered into for the purchase

of the following goods (*) / provision of the following services (*)

Ordered on (*) / received on (*): __________________________

of / Name of consumer (s): __________________________

Address of / consumer (s): __________________________


Signature / consumer (s) place, date

(Only for message on paper)

(*) Delete as appropriate.

8. Duties of the user

1. The user is solely responsible for his actions on the SINGLE-CHAT-shell form and thus for content or data that indicates he or published about on the platform. In particular, he undertakes not racist, abusive, discriminatory, harassing, defamatory, sexual, pornographic, violent or other illegal content store, persons or depictions, publish, transmit and distribute. Furthermore, the user is expressly pointed out that it is forbidden legally protected terms, names, images, videos, or other materials to be used.

2. Furthermore, the user is required to take appropriate measures, in particular to prevent unauthorized use of his data passwords by third parties. He undertakes to inform SINGLE-CHAT immediately of any observed or suspected unauthorized use of his account.

3. The user assures that he sets any photographs or other works, without being authorized by the applicable copyright provisions on this.

4. In addition, the user is assured that the information provided is true and describe his personality. The contracting parties agree that it is considered legitimate interest SINGLE-CHAT to allow the accuracy of the information provided by the user, check if necessary.

5. The user agrees to keep SINGLE-CHAT harmless from any type of lawsuits, damages, losses or claims that may arise in this service through its registration and / or participation in so far as this damage by intent or negligence SINGLE chats, or his legal representatives or agents. Particularly, the user undertakes, SINGLE-CHAT from any liability and all obligations, expenses and claims arising from damages for libel, slander, invasion of personal privacy, because the failure of services to users, for infringement of intellectual property or other rights arising acquit.

6. The user agrees not deliberately the data of third persons (incl. E-mail address) to be reported as its own. In particular, he undertakes not to give bank details or credit card information of third parties fraudulently.

7. The user undertakes further to comply with the applicable laws in the application and use of the service under https://single-chat.at or mobile apps.

8. The user also undertakes to treat e-mails and any other incoming messages confidentially and not to make this without the consent of its author to third parties or to pass it on. The same applies to names, telephone and fax numbers, residential, e-mail addresses and / or URLs.

9. Furthermore, each individual user undertakes not to misuse use the service, in particular:
about him not defamatory (eg slander.), Offensive or otherwise unlawful material or information to pass
him not to use to other people / threaten, harass users or the rights (including moral rights) of third parties to violate not to use them in a way that adversely affects the availability of the service offers for other users him intercept and no e-mails not to try this not advertise to operate other Internet portals post chain letters or chat and send messages to several people at once
no data upload that contain a virus (infected software). Generally upload any software or other material that is copyrighted, unless the user has the rights thereto or the necessary approvals - here written evidence may be required by the operator to mention any names, addresses, telephone or fax numbers and e-mail addresses (user profile) in the personal and voluntary information.

9. What pictures are not allowed?

1. Images, nudity; implying sexual and / or pornographic acts or show
2. Copyrighted images where users have no rights has
third images that depict violence, drugs, weapons or similar
4. images that the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, shisha etc. of persons under 18 show
the fifth images, text and / or contact details or conclusions about personal data allows
6. images masked, heavily muffled or distorted faces show
7. pictures that prohibited symbols, flags or signs and offensive gestures of any kind (except recognized national flags) show
8. images of protected trademarks
9. images that refer to other websites or other commercial content show
10. frames of children and adolescents under 14 years
11. Fuzzy, very small and / or non-explicit images
12. Senseless images that have no added value for our community, as of materials such as cut-outs (including floor coverings, plaster and other land), technical equipment (such as vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and toilet brush), objectless monochrome images, etc.
13. Several identical images

10. Which pictures are allowed?

1. Photo showing the user and on which it is easy to see
2. Sexy (but adult!) Images the user
3. group photos with your friends or family members (if they agree)
4. Pictures of pets of the user, provided that this can also be seen in the picture is
5. personal art (eg tattoos, drawings)
6. nature and holiday photos by this user
7. pictures of personal belongings of the user
8. Other personal images that are not in a category of forbidden images fall

11. Violation of user requirements

1. SINGLE-CHAT has the right content, persons or depictions that violate these terms and conditions or are unlawful, in violation eg with laws and regulations, in particular youth protection, data protection, protection of personal rights, protection against insults, copyrights, trademarks to remove itself.

2. A right to restore the deleted by SINGLE-CHAT information does not exist.

3. In addition, SINGLE-CHAT entitles the user to non-compliance of terms and conditions to warn and / or temporarily or permanently exclude from the SINGLE-CHAT services. Depending on the severity and nature of the breach, a violation can bring civil and criminal penalties for the user himself with it.

4. The assertion of further claims, especially claims for damages, SINGLE-CHAT is expressly reserved.

12. Granting of Rights

1. SINGLE-CHAT allows its registered users the offered product and service portfolio to take advantage of taking into account the legal requirements and the present terms and conditions to upload, store, publish, distribute, transmit and share with other users.

2. In return for the offer of a free part of the platform, the user SINGLE-CHAT provides its stored Public Profile profile and location data, his usage, device and network data according to the privacy policy of SINGLE-CHAT in a pseudonym for advertising purposes , SINGLE-CHAT may display the user tailored to his promotional offers from SINGLE-CHAT and third parties in accordance with the privacy policy and use the aforementioned data for it and pass it on. The user is entitled to the use of these data to those described in the Privacy Statement way to contradict (opt-out). SINGLE-CHAT is then entitled to offer the user access to previously free part of SINGLE-CHAT wholly or partly charged.

3. The user grants SINGLE-CHAT at all of it generated, transmitted, stored and published content an irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, unrestricted right locally. Thus SINGLE-CHAT and CHAT SINGLE-affiliated companies for unlimited use of all content, including editing, copying, modifying, translating, creating and taking over and derivative works are eligible. Here there is no restriction regarding. The type of use. SINGLE-CHAT is therefore entitled the content for advertising or other publications to use both in part or in whole, in any format or medium. The user grants SINGLE-CHAT in this context, moral rights, where SINGLE-CHAT expressly indicating

4. SINGLE-CHAT has the user explicitly point out that content can be stored and shared with third parties, to the extent reasonable discretion is necessary and permitted by law or required by law.

5. Furthermore, SINGLE-CHAT explicitly point out that user data can be removed at any time without giving reasons and without notifying the affected users. This applies especially older chat histories that are removed at irregular intervals from the database and thus are no longer accessible to the user.

13. liability

Each unlimited liability of the service for power loss, failure, failure, interruption, deletion, defect, delayed delivery or failure of the communication line, theft of records, destruction of records, unauthorized access to records, manipulation of records, or use of any records, either a breach of contract, negligence, or negligence, or in any other case, is strictly limited to the fees paid to the service during the past 12 months membership fees.

14. Guarantees

All contents are tested with standard Konfiguationen the current browser versions of Firefox and Safari on a PC basis and run. However, it will from the outset be noted that it may cause a malfunction in the deactivation of cookies, Java or Javascript, when using firewalls, or non-Microsoft operating systems. The subscriber is even one the, help pages' responsibility to be taken standard configuration of their PC, network, Internet access and possibly additionally installed software and plug-ins. Due to the large number of possible misconfiguration rejects single-chat.at hereby all warranties in connection with the following points: all guarantees of the availability, compatibility, completeness, content of information, products or services.

15. Notifications

All notices of the service to subscribers may be made by electronic message (e-mail). Any questions, complaints or notifications to the service as electronic mail must indicate the name, the email address you used when registering, be sent to the following address: support@single-chat.at

16. Data Protection

The Member authorizes the service, personal, billing, and provider and access data and cookies to store in case of need. This information is not passed on to unauthorized third parties and announced only in case of request by higher legal authorities. Furthermore, the Member authorizes the service to notify any update by email. For more information on this matter please entnehmem our Privacy directional Lienen.

17. Communication between members

The service could allow the public exchange with other members. All messages should be written legibly to the public. As a member, you warrant to transmit any defamatory, false, abusive, threatening or other illegal content to present to publish, or in some other way on the pages of the service. It is also strictly forbidden to 'spam' in chat rooms to ignore the netiquette or disturb dialogues intentionally. Also, all members agree, without the written permission of the service to sell any goods or services via the site to or for other users or to offer. In the case of evidence of violation of service is entitled to terminate the Member's access temporarily,

18. Copyright

The material of the service is exclusively for private, non - commercial use of the members. Any other use is prohibited. Except for, public domain 'material and electronic messages, all published content under copyright protection of the service or its suppliers and may not be copied or weitervermarktet, unless the service is to express written permission.

19. Prohibition of commercial or business use, prohibition of spamming

1. The user assures that he does not pursue commercial and / or business backgrounds in connection with its use. He agrees not to use the SINGLE-CHAT website and mobile apps, commercial or business use.
2. Commercial or business use, for their failure to users are hereby required to include in particular:
the provision of goods or services for money value, the invitation to issue an offer or referral (on an achievable in another place appropriate offer about by reference on special Internet auctions)
advertising for commercial or business internet sites or apps, especially those that
offer goods or services in return for payment,
serves to present or promote companies or
apply other commercial Internet portals.
This is especially true for applications from companies in the form of pop-ups, banner ads or through particularly emphasized or flashy links. An Internet site also applies in particular as a commercial, when linked from it directly or indirectly on the commercial Internet portal of another operator
the citation or communication of value-added service numbers or value-added SMS numbers (Premium SMS) as part of this Internet portal
Contacting purpose of a subsequent profit, especially by subsequent references to 0900 numbers or value-added SMS numbers.
search after any employees models for agencies or remunerated service
collecting the accessible as part of the Internet portal profile data or to find out data (eg telephone / mobile number) of individual users with the background of commercial use, advertising or resold to third parties.
3. The user undertakes to refrain from making other users of the service offered or other users advertising in any form for commercial offers and to send messages (private messages or e-mails) that a commercial or business purpose serve. This also refers to the setting or call links in public profiles or sending messages to the internal messaging systems (eg messaging, forums and profile data).

20. Damages

1. A user who uses persecuted or by participating commercial or business purposes within the meaning of § 19 without the approval of SINGLE-CHAT, agrees to pay SINGLE-CHAT liquidated damages in the amount of 5,001 euros. The user is allowed in this case, proof that damage has not occurred or is substantially lower than the lump sum. SINGLE-CHAT remains reserved prove that he thereby a greater loss.

2. In the event of intentional or grossly fährlässigen violation of the user described in § 8 of the General Conditions duties, committed to this, if the violation is not already established liquidated damages provided for in paragraph 1 of this article, to pay a compensation to the operator. The user is allowed in this case to prove that damage has not occurred.

21. Liability by SINGLE-CHAT

1. for any damages, psychological, physical or financial nature, associated with the service offered in conjunction, SINGLE-CHAT is only liable if the damage is due to gross negligence of SINGLE-CHAT, or its legal representatives or agents or intent SINGLE-CHAT, or his legal representatives or vicarious agents.

2. For damages related to the service offered in conjunction and that occur to other property than life, body or health, SINGLE-CHAT is only liable if the damage is due to gross negligence of SINGLE-CHAT, or his legal representative or agents or intent of the operator or his legal representatives or vicarious agents.

3. SINGLE-CHAT can not be held legally responsible for incorrect information in the notification of the user, as the information provided by the users can not always be verified due to their scope of riches, and the identification of individuals on the Internet is only partially possible. Each user is solely responsible for verifying before it interacts with the latter in the form of a chat entertainment, a meeting outside the SINGLE-CHAT platform or in any other way the information of another user.

4. Further SINGLE-CHAT assumes no liability for any misuse of the information by other users or third parties, this is especially true if the user makes the information even accessible. Moreover SINGLE-CHAT not is not liable for unauthorized acquisition by third parties of personal data of users (eg. As by unauthorized access by "hackers" in the database), if SINGLE-CHAT taking into account the restriction of paragraphs 1 and 2 of § 19 own fault or the fault of his legal representatives or agents meet. SINGLE-CHAT is entitled but not obliged to check the contents of each text and submissions help / uploaded photos or graphic files to, these terms and conditions underlying provisions back and, if necessary,

5. SINGLE-CHAT can not be held liable for any significant impairment of the service.

6. Furthermore liable SINGLE-CHAT not for SINGLE-CHAT was not responsible end service outages such. As force majeure or technical failures of the Internet.

22. Changes to Terms and Conditions

SINGLE-CHAT reserves the right to change the terms and conditions.

Users agree with the application of the amended terms and conditions (GTC) to closed before the amendment agreements to agree if SINGLE-CHAT alerts the user that a change in the Terms and Conditions has taken place and the user is not within a period of two weeks starting from the day following the notification of change, the amendment contradicts.

The notification of the change must once again pointing to the possibility and the period of objection, and the importance, or contain consequences of not a contradiction. They can be made by e-mail to the User's stated e-mail address.

23. Dispute Resolution

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR platform). These can be found here: www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. SINGLE-CHAT is not obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration body ready.

24. Final Provisions

1. Contract Changes, additions and ancillary agreements must, unless otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, to be effective in writing of both parties. The written form requirement also applies to the waiver of this writing requirement.

2. The contractual agreements between the parties are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Austria excluding the UN sales law (CISG) and conflict of law.

3. Should be invalid or unenforceable provision of this Agreement or become invalid or unenforceable after conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. such valid and enforceable provision should replace the invalid or unenforceable provision, the effects of the economic objectives come closest to that pursued by the contractual parties with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions apply in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.

4. In the event of litigation is agreed that the jurisdiction of the headquarters of SINGLE-chat in the event that the subscriber does not have general jurisdiction in Austria or the person after the contract moved his living / sitting abroad or it is not known at the time a legal action is.