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Hello, we are very happy to welcome you to Single Chat.

Single Chat's are a very modern and recognized way of getting in touch with other people in all walks of life.
You get into contact with other people via text form, if you are sympathetic, you can quickly turn a chat into a flirt, a date or a great love.
Statistics tell us today that the couples found on the internet last longer than couples who have met on the street, in Cafes, in Bars, over friends or at work.
Also our platform is as the name suggests a single chat where you can get in touch with other people.
In addition free chat and private message writing, we also offer useful and exciting features.
For example, 3D games, a 3DCity, a virtual chat with over 10 different rooms where you can meet other people in a playful way.
An artificial intelligence that helps to find the right partner.
With the automatic translation function, you can also make nice private conversations, even you can speak a different language.
Internet and video telephony make it possible to get to know the new and better-loved contacts better without having to give out private data.
We believe that meeting nice people should not cost anything, we have important features like creating a profile, finding a suitable partner, chatting and writing private messages are absolutely free.
Over time, some useful and very exciting features will be added.
We ,the team are constantly working to improve our service and make it user friendly.

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  • But the best of single-chat.at is:

    You don‘t need to pay any subscription, there are no hidden costs!
    You can complete and absolutely free chat for as long as you want!
    We offer a friendly support that is always available for all members.
    Fakes accounts have not place or chance with us.
    In addition a manual testing, we have introduced very effective measures against fakes accounts.

  • The personal safety of our members is very important to us.

    Therefore, we have encrypted our chat portal with SSL, SHA256, and all private data is encrypted and protected via a secure algorithm.
    Our servers are constantly monitored and protected by a sophisticated security system, which is reviewed and improved in short and regular intervals.

  • The special at single-chat.at,

    are not just the different features that we offer. It is our members.
    We are aimed at young people from the age of 18, but also adults who after a certain age, they want to get to know new people in an uncomplicated way, who have not lost the fun of flirting and want to enjoy life.
    Our members want to lead an active life, they are open-mind,modern and interested.

Three good reasons that speak for us.

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Our search algorithm is very accurate and it helps you to find the right partner.

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Chat with interesting new people for free, share photos and even find dates!

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Chat, flirt and date mobile with your smartphone.

Reach us with the tablet, smartphone everywhere or with the PC from home. With our modern customizable design, our sleek mobile version, and our apps for Apple and Android, you'll always have Single Chat with you.

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"I find nice to chat and write private messages for free.
I found my partner in here and we live happily together. " - Kyra Alva

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Our goal is:

To broaden the social horizon from our Members and our belief is that by meeting a multitude of people you can find someone who will be special for you.
And that can happen much faster than you think.
Millions of singles around the world are on the World Wide Web looking for a suitable partner.
The reasons can be very different.
Some are looking for a casual relationship, while others are looking for friendships that will pass the test of time.
But many singles are looking for a love partner, looking for a relationship that will last a lifetime.
But regardless of the end result, we believe,

"that every love begins with a relationship."

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